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Favorite Fall Scents for Your Link 480 Apartment Home

fall leaves next to a perfume bottle

It’s getting a little cooler outside here in Beverly, MA and we’re spending more time inside. At Link 480 we are all about making our apartment homes as cozy as possible. We’ve found a few tips for personalizing your home’s scent!

Scent has been mentioned as one of the strongest memory triggers. Each time you walk in your front door, being greeted by a pleasant smell — something fresh and homey — is a huge bonus. Potpourri, essentials oils, and candles come in all different scents which you can customize according to your taste and the current season. Candles give off a lot of scent but can be a fire hazard if not used safely. Battery-powered candles are a safe alternative to traditional candles with wicks and still give the flickering ambience we love.

Hello Glow gave us great ideas for making your house smell like home using essential oils! The site says the following:

The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air! I’ve been experimenting with a new warming diffuser, trying out different essential oil blends for fall. I love how the spicy scents of ginger, clove and cinnamon make the house feel warm and cozy while the woodsy notes of fir and juniper remind me of a walk through the leaves. Be warned, spice oils like clove and cinnamon are strong! They will easily overpower other scents and can even irritate the mucous membranes, so use them carefully. Citrus scents go well with the spicier ones, so you can start with a base of orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit or bergamot and then add a drop or two of a spicier oil.

These scents can be altered for any season according to you what you hope to accomplish. This site also has a great additional option for those who want to neutralize odors in their home! For those with pets, this can be a really helpful tip!

What are your favorite scents? What does “fall is in the air to you” mean to you when it comes to aromas? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our blog post.